You will have lots of advice about what to pack in your hospital bag and It’s temping to pack a suitcase with everything but the kitchen sink. So in an effort to keep your bag full of essentials, but still light enough to carry we have complied a list of things that we would suggest.

A woollen hat for baby

Wool will keep baby warm. Remember how your mum always nagged you to put a hat on and never go out with wet hair? It’s because you loose heat through your head. I’m sure Grandma can knit one or you’ll get one as a gift. If you get stuck then Etsy is always a great place to look.

Battery pack charger for phone/tablet

Some hospitals don’t allow you to use their power points so these give up to 3 full charges for your phone. You’ll need your smart phone to let everyone know that the little one has arrived and of course to take those all important first pictures. Don’t forget to book your newborn photoshoot too. Photographers like to photograph newborns in the first 10 days to ensure that adorable sleeping pose.

Flip flops, slippers and socks

If like me you never wear slippers or socks in the house, you will need to have this on your list so as not to forget. You definitely can’t walk around the hospital with nothing on your feet. I would absolutely recommend flip flops for the showers too!

Sports drinks and snacks

Your body requires a huge amount of calories during labour and needs energy quickly, so drinks like Lucozade sport, isotonic and carbohydrate or glucose drinks or tablets can be really useful. Take some high energy snacks or simply some change for the vending machine.


Don’t forget a nightdress or pyjamas and remember they will need to be unbuttoned for breastfeeding. Some comfortable loose clothing for leaving the hospital with baby. And don’t forget to buy a nursing bra!

You’ll need clothes for the little one too. I’m sure you will be given some clothing gifts from visitors, but it’s best to be prepared with a plain baby grow and a pack of nappies.

Take a couple of pairs of old knickers!! Enough said.

Books and music

Make a playlist before you go into hospital so you have your favourite music on tap. And take a book for when visitors aren’t allowed and the baby is sleeping.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

This covers the last section of the essentials list and in my eyes is probably the most important. Don’t forget your toothbrush. It’s the little things that make the most difference. A lip balm, a face cloth and a pack of intimate wipes are the other items I would definitely try to remember.

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