If you’ve ever looked on social media for cute newborn photography poses, you will always see the Froggy pose or frog pose. But if you’re wondering what is the froggy newborn photography pose then we’ve put together this post to tell you all about it.

What is the Froggy Pose?

example of the newborn froggy pose

This pose is where the newborn baby is sitting forward, with their chin propped up on their hands. Sure it does look cute, But we’ll explain here why we don’t do the froggy newborn photography pose!

This is a pose that an experienced newborn photographer will often include in their sessions. It’s perfectly safe to do if they have experience and training with the pose.

How do you do the Froggy Pose?

The Froggy pose is created by merging several images together in photoshop. Since I don’t do this pose I don’t have any examples, but you can view something like it here. A photographer would spend time getting the newborn baby to sleep first. Then they will gently manipulate the baby’s limbs into the froggy pose. Once in the froggy position they usually ask mum or dad to hold the arms together and support the head. One by one they will get them to move fingers/hands to reveal those parts of the baby’s arms and head, taking several photographs from the same position. Finally they will merge all the images together in Photoshop, editing out the supporting hands. The result is it looks like the baby is sleeping peacefully in this position.

Why I Prefer not to do the Froggy Pose

This is a pose that really only the most experienced newborn photographers should tackle, after good training. I have myself undertaken this training and I do know how to create this image safely. I also have no problem at all with newborn photographers doing this pose either. As with any genre of photography though, each professional photographer has poses and styles they prefer. For me the froggy pose is just one on my NO list. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

Is the Froggy Pose Safe?

As parents of two children ourselves, and as professional photographers for over 12 years now, the health and safety of our clients is top of our list. As I’ve said earlier, I’m not saying this pose is not safe if done properly. However the newborn photography industry has no governing body to ensure good practice. When inexperienced photographers see this image they often try to replicate it without the necessary training and experience. This is when it can be potentially unsafe for a newborn baby. So if I do this pose myself I feel like I’m adding to the pool of similar faked images out there. This could further promote bad practice with other, less experienced photographers.

Faking it

The other reason I prefer not to do the froggy pose is that I feel it’s a bit fake. No baby in the history of mankind has ever naturally fallen asleep in this position. The fact that you need to merge several images together to me doesn’t sit right.

Natural Poses for Unique Portraits

Capturing a beautiful and timeless image of your newborn baby is something you will treasure forever. So part of our job as photographers is to create images that are unique to you and your family. Of course I have my favourite poses for all genres of photography, so you will find very similar posed images in my portfolio. But for me there’s a big difference between a classically posed portrait and a fake composite pose.

At Chrysalis Photography we prefer to help you and your newborn baby achieve beautiful natural images. Sure we use posing techniques to enhance the natural beauty. But ultimately the images we create we feel will always be unique to you.

So you now know what the froggy newborn photography pose is. You also know why you won’t see it on our website. There are however many newborn photographers that can create this image for you. But please just choose somebody you feel has enough experience to do this in a safe way for you.

More Information About our Newborn Photography

If you wish to find out more about our newborn services simply head to our Newborn Photography Information page. You could also visit our gallery to see the range of natural and posed newborn photography we can create for you. If you have any more questions or you want to book a newborn photo session then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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