Start your search early for the right photographer to do your maternity or pregnancy images. Once into the second trimester the sickness will hopefully have stopped and you will still have the energy and inclination to do the research. Invest the time now to find your self a good one and you’ll have yourself a family photographer for the future. Being pregnant can be hard, scary, wonderful and beautiful all at the same time. A good pregnancy or maternity photographer will help you feel good about how you look. They’ll bring out your best great lighting and natural posing. Here are some tips for getting the best out of an amazing pregnancy shoot.

Do your research

woman looking on her iPad surrounded by speech bubbles with reviews in them doing her research about pregnancy shoots

Ask for recommendations from friends making them already known and trusted. Check out the the galleries on photographers website and make sure that they can produce a style that you like. Check their social media platforms and always check reviews and testimonials. Google Reviews and Facebook reviews are independent and have to be written by the consumer. They do your research for you!

When should I book my pregnancy photoshoot?

Pregnancy shoot with man kneeling, writing on wife's pregnant belly counting down the days in studio

At around 34 weeks you’re still mobile and have a lovely bump that’s not too uncomfortable. Please do remember that ALL bodies are different – don’t compare yourself to the maternity models that you’ve searched on Google – this photoshoot is to remind you of how YOU felt in this time, not about looking like someone else. Down the road, you might forget what it felt like to be expecting. Capture those emotions so you can look back on them with fondness, book your shoot in plenty of time.

Have a vision.

Pregnancy shoot with man pushing belly out, kissing and belly bumping in studio white background

Look for ideas on Pinterest and have a vision. Many women say they feel their best during pregnancy whilst others struggle with health and body issues. Regardless of whether or not you like the way you look, a professional photography session will make you feel liberated and beautiful. All we have of my pregnancies are flat images of my belly growing against a bare wall. Don’t regret that you didn’t take the plunge. What have you got to loose?

Pamper yourself before the shoot

graphic silhouette of woman being pampered before pregnancy shoot

Pamper yourself so that you feel beautiful and at your best. Why not book yourself a hairdressers appointment or have a professional manicure. Check if there is one on site like at Renishaw Hall for instance. We have Charlotte Catherine Beauty and lifestyle that you can book into. Make sure that you get enough sleep the night before and that you have a good breakfast and are feeling bright as a button.

Pack a bag for the day and make sure you leave nothing to chance.

lady sat on the floor packing her overnight pregnancy hospital bag

Work out the length of the car journey and if you will need any stops. After all it’s always best to be prepared! Have plenty of snacks your bag and a drink for you and for any other children you are bringing along. Maternity bags from Giraffe

Props and clothing

Bring a change of clothing and make sure it is something you feel beautiful in – like a loose cotton maternity dress or maternity jeans. Tight to the body dresses or shirts are good to show of your growing shape, a bando to cover up whilst showing your bump and a belt to emphasise shape are all useful.

Most photographers have props that they can include in the images, but it’s always nice to have your own that are meaningful and precious. Perhaps an ultrasound image, something that grandma knitted, a cute pair of baby shoes or a baby grow?

Bring your family along

Include Partners, children or pets. This is the perfect opportunity to get up-to-date images of your family before it changes to the next stage, so bring them along. If you are bringing along family try and coordinate your outfits with a colour or theme. Pastels and whites tend to work well for maternity.

pregnancy shoot,  lady with her dog putting his paw on her belly black and white

Show some skin

Of course, ultimately, it’s up to you how much skin you want to show in your photoshoot. The photographer will always start with fully dressed images and you must be honest – if you feel uncomfortable at any time throughout the photoshoot do tell your photographer. This could be either physical discomfort or if you’re not keen on the pose or amount of skin visible.

Pregnancy shoot with mum in studio with blue light


As a pregnant lady you need relax. Enjoy the time focusing on the relationship you have already built with your growing baby. Enjoy the bond you have and the way you feel right now. After all it’s a unique time in a woman’s life and in the life of her family and it’s easy to forget how important you are in this equation called life.

pregnancy shoot with man and woman's hands in a heart shape on bump in studio

If you would like to find out more about our tips for an amazing maternity photoshoot or would like to book a session please contact us here.

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