We love having pugs in our studio. One of our closest friends has a pug (called Minnie). It’s so lovely to spend time with her as she’s so full of puggy character. So here we’ve put together some of our favourite pug images we’ve created in our studio at Renishaw Hall. If you would like to see our other dog images please visit our gallery page. Alternatively go straight to our Dog Photography information page to read more about our services.

pug dog posing in a photography studio

If you have a pug and you would like us to capture a stunning portrait of them then contact us. It’s that easy. We will answer your questions and get you booked in.

Do Pugs Make Good Pets?

Pugs are one of those very distinctive breeds, with short-muzzled faces, curly tails and lots of wrinkles. It’s those gorgeous wrinkly faces and those big eyes that we love to capture.

Did you know? Pugs came to Europe from China in the 16th Century and have been a popular breed ever since. Even in the 19th Century Queen Victoria was a huge fan of the quirky little dog.

Pugs are well known for being sociable and gentle dogs and make great lapdogs. Although sometimes lazy, they can also be very playful and love being around people.

Some of our favourite Pug images

So here we go, in no particular order, here’s some of our favourite pug images. Apologies to any previous clients who might see this page and wonder why their Pug images are not featured here. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting many pugs over the years and unfortunately we can’t feature them all here.

pug sat in on a white background in the studio

We’ll start at the top! We like to offer a variety of styles of photography for every shoot. As a result we discuss this with our clients to find out their preferences before we start. We can then be sure to create something they love. This first image is in what we like to call our fine art style. There is a lot of debate among photographers as to what ‘fine art’ actually means. However, until told otherwise I interpret it as a style reminiscent of a contemporary or classic piece of art. With our studio at Renishaw Hall, this lovely pug would perfect in a thick gold swept frame. It could happily be hung alongside some of their oldest paintings and not look out of place. We’d love to know what you think.

The second image (above) is one of my favourite styles. This style of pure white backgrounds and light tones is often referred to as HIGH KEY. This style sits in our LIGHTS category (more about our styles later). I love the way that dogs look against a pure white background. It’s particularly lovely as it’s so different to how we would normally view them.

pug giving a low five slap to his owner

In direct contrast to the white background image, in our LIGHTS category, The image above sits perfectly in our DARKS style of photography. This sandy coloured pug looks fantastic set against this grey background. I love the fact that he’s giving his owner a ‘low five’ too – very cute!

We’ve seen plenty of other dogs giving high fives, but it never ceases to raise a smile with us. The two images above are from the same photoshoot and both give great examples of how you can be part of your dog shoot but not actually have to be IN the photograph if you don’t want to. There’s something very special about the bond between dog and owner, and so often images with both of you can be fantastic, but equally not everybody wants to show their face, and prefers the image to be about their dog. These images show how it can be achieved.

black pug sat in a red Chesterfield chair

We recently invested in this gorgeous red Chesterfield chair for the studio, and we just love it against the grey background. It also works great with dogs, as I hope you agree with this image, above.

pug licking his owner in a photo shoot

So as well as capturing your dog on his or her own your photoshoot can also be a fantastic opportunity to capture an image of yourself. This is such a lovely image of a couple with their pug. The expressions are just fantastic and this was one of those moments you just hope for as a photographer. It also proves that you don’t have to look straight a the camera and “say cheese” when you come to a professional photoshoot.

What else is lovely here is that the couple took our clothing advice and chose light clothing to compliment each other and the background. Once you’ve booked your photography session with us we will send you some clothing advice along with the styles of photography we do so that you can be fully prepared to get the best images.

Andy Warhol inspired photo of a pug

For those of you looking for something a bit more radical we can create different. How about these Andy Warhol inspired images of your dog? These look incredible on the wall as a canvas wrap and are a really colourful addition to any room. An image like this one is 9 images, however just 4 or six would work just as well.

side profile of a black pug against a black background in a photography studio

We are often asked how to photograph a pure black dog. Under normal situations, often with our smartphones, they are notoriously difficult to capture well. After all sometimes they can often just look like just a black blob with eyes. However it’s one of our favourite styles to create. Check out this image above. Here we have achieved great detail in the black fur and good separation from the black background. The results are striking, and this image often gets the WOW comments from the owners friends and family.

Booking your Pug Photography Session

So we hope you’ve loved looking at some of our favourite Pug images in the studio. If you want us to capture a gorgeous image of your pug, or indeed any other breed then just get in touch. Our studio is based on the stunning grounds of Renishaw Hall, which means, not only can we capture studio images of your pug, but if the weather is nice we can do some outdoor photography as well. Why not extend your visit to Renishaw Hall and take a walk around their award-winning gardens, and enjoy some tea and cake in their courtyard cafe.

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