Of course we would love to take all those first images, but aren’t there all the time. There are photos that you must take of your newborn baby that we won’t be there for.

With Mum and Dad

Most of us naturally take images of just the baby. But remember to take images of time with Mum and time with Dad. Seeing a man fall in love with this tiny infant is enough to melt the heart of anyone. And a mothers look of knowing and trust is awe-inspiring.


When my children were babies I must have spent hours watching them whilst they slept. So peaceful and without cares. If they sleep during the day and are not worried by light, capture them in the sunshine coming through their window. There is a good chance that we will be able to capture a sleepy shot in the studio too!

Sibling (First meeting) 

If this is not your first child, then meeting their sibling for the first time is such a special occasion. The wonderment in a toddlers or child’s eyes of this new little human being coming into their lives is so magical.

First Laugh

The first laugh would be almost impossible for a photographer to catch. But mum’s these days always have their phones handy so an image or little video of their first laugh or giggle is something that you will look back on for years to come and smile every time.

Family Meetings

In the first few weeks after birth, your house will be busy with visitors from far and wide. Grandparents are usually the first to march through the door and those moments with Grandma and Grandad are definitely treasured images that you should not miss. A gentle kiss on the baby’s forehead from Grandpa, a gaze of wonderment from Nanna. You can have them in your memory for a lifetime with the click of a button.

Baby’s Nursery

As we are studio based, the best person to take images of your baby’s first room or nursery is of course you. You will spend lots of time in this room. Nappy changes, night feeds, bedtime stories. It will hold many memories and will change in decor over the years,

Bedtime Bear

If your little one is anything like ours (now 13 and 16years old) they will have a favoured bedtime bear that probably will become their best friend. Our eldest son Max managed to keep his bear (aptly named “Bear”) until just a few years ago when he mysteriously disappeared under a mountain of rubbish. Thankfully we have images from the day they first became friends. Our friends at Giraffe Nursery have some lovely bears to chose from!

Hands and Feet, the little details

It’s the little details, the hands and feet of a newborn baby. They are so perfect. Soft pink skin and perfectly formed with no influences from the outside world. Put something in the shot to give a perspective of size, like your wedding ring or your own hand or foot.

Your view (ie from over your head)

No one ever gets your view of your precious bundle. A great idea is to get your partner to stand behind you and take an image from either over your shoulder or from over your head. You will then remember exactly how you see your little one rather than how others see it.

If you would like to find out more about our photoshoots for your baby boy or girl then we recommend you head over to our Newborn Photography Information page, which also contains additions FAQ’s as well as some images from our GALLERY.

Otherwise if you’re keen to get your baby photo session booked in with us then head straight to our CONTACT page, pop your details in the form and we’ll be in touch right away. We would love to add to your growing collection of images.

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