In this blog we share with you our tips on how to prepare for an Equine Photoshoot. These tips perhaps look simple, but they are often the things that people forget. For tips on What to Wear, please click here.

Firstly, Please Be Prepared.

Once you have made your appointment start to have a think about how you want the images to look and how you want to display them. A great place to start is on Pinterest. Here you can look at location ideas, props and outfits giving you plenty of time to organise items for your shoot. Don’t forget that you will be in the images too!! Perhaps it’s time for some new kit?

Clip at least a week before or up to  3 weeks

It is recommend if you feel your horse is in need of a clip before your shoot that you do it at least week or more in advance. This way the coat has a chance to grow slightly in order to get a less harsh look that can sometimes happen.

Tidy the barn

If the photographer has to move things out of the frame it will reduce your time with him. Take a moment to look around the barn and ensure that there is nothing unsightly lying around. Your horse should be the focus of the eye, not an orange bucket, purple trug or bright blue horse blanket.

Main Pulling and Plaiting.

We don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary to plait the mane or tail, the choice is of course yours. However, a bath and a groom is essential. Main pulling should be done a few days before the shoot.

Brush again just before the photographer arrives and perhaps think about giving the hooves an oil for extra shine.

The Day Before

A roll in the mud could ruin your dream photo!! We would suggest that you bath your horse either the day before the shoot and then don’t turn him out, or an early morning bath on the day of the shoot itself.

Check you have all your outfits ready and that your tack is clean.

Make Sure You Have a Helper

A person to hold your horse whilst you are changing or rattle keys to get the horses ears forward is a very useful tool. They can also prepare for the next shot, move items you don’t want in the frame and help the photographer with lighting and props.

A great idea is to have a full set of jingly keys on hand to get the horses attention. Another great little trick is to fill an old water bottle with gravel or pebbles. Having the ears pointing forward is preferable, however we would advise not to get too fixated. They will co-operate if they want to.

Bonus Tip

Have some fly spray to hand!

If you are ready to book your own Equine Shoot or have any further questions, please contact us here. Or alternatively call us on 0114 4040898.

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