So a friend of family member has recently told you their expecting a baby and you need a present for the baby shower? OR maybe the little boy or girl has just been born and you need a present quickly before you pay them a visit. Choosing a great baby gift can be really tricky, whether it’s a boy or girl. So we’ve put together our list of great baby gift ideas to help you. See if you can spot the deliberate plug in there (it’s not difficult).

A newspaper from the day the baby was born

newspaper as a gift when the baby was born

This is one of the least expensive gifts you can get for a baby boy or girl, but in our view one of the more interesting for the child (and the parents) as they grow up. There’s plenty of companies selling historic newspapers for up to £34.99, if you want a newspaper from 70 years ago or more. But the great thing about this gift is the day you get that wonderful call to say their baby has arrived you can head straight to your newsagents and pick up two or three different newspapers for just a few pounds. Then simply fold them carefully into a lovely gift box, add some ribbon, and this is a gift that might stay in their family for decades.

A leather (or vegan-leather) mum bag

woman carrying a vegan leather bag from pinklining

This gorgeous made by Pink Lining is just one of their new vegan leather range of bags, and perfect for a new mum to carry all her essential baby items, without feeling frumpy. This bag can be purchased from a fantastic baby shop in Chesterfield called Giraffe, run by mum-of-three, Georgina. If you end up visiting her lovely store do tell her Chrysalis sent you!

A Treasure Box

A white treasure box with wooden lid engraved with name and date as great baby gift idea

From as little as £20 you can start the treasure box collection. In the main, these are designed with new babies and new parents in mind and is a lovely way to keep those first precious memories safe. It might be nice idea to combine this with a mum and baby hamper to start the collection. Buy a box big enough to store their tiny clothes, photographs, first toys, cards and special tokens. Etsy is a great place to look for beautifully crafted boxes that can be personalised with a name and date. Or perhaps try and make one yourself!

A Mum and Baby hamper

Pink and grey mum and baby hamper items and grey basket on white background

Mum and baby hampers are a great gift and can either be purchased already made, or can be made up yourself by sourcing favourite items. Sometimes a hamper just for mum is the best idea as most of the gifts are just for baby. Try and think of those little things that matter. When baby brain takes over and all your focus is on your little bundle, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. So, a little care package with luxury items for mum might contain; relaxing foam bath, a face mask, a candle, calming tea, some luxury chocolates and a silk eye patch for a little down time and a mug for that cuppa that is constantly cold! Again Etsy have some lovely ideas.

Some Muslin Squares

Some muslin squares. Five in white grey and pink

You can never have enough muslin squares. They are soft, comforting and easy to wash. Even when I was a child (too many years ago to mention), muslin squares were a new mum’s staple item. In fact, so soft, that I carried one around as a ‘cuddly’ for years! Back then I’m sure white was the only option, but now there are so many colours patterns and sizes. Once again I refer you to our friend Georgina at Giraffe Nursery Store. It’s great to have a ‘go to store’ for all your staples, and there is no better than this little treasure trove store.

Some Home Cooked Food or a Recipe Box Subscription

Gousto recipe box sample with recipe cards for home cooked food

As a new much your whole focus is on this new wonder that you are now fully responsible for. Sometimes the last thing on your mind is remembering to eat. So, delivering a home cooked meal to a new mum can be the best gift ever. Even making room in your mum brain to think of something to cook is more than you can manage in the first few weeks. Perhaps a subscription to a weekly recipe box delivery. They deliver measured ingredients and a recipe card for each day, meaning that even ‘Dad’ can become chef! We like Gousto. There is plenty of choice, the ingredients are all fresh and the recipes are easy to follow.

Baby Milestone Cards

little girl laying on floor with swaddled newborn with  baby milestone card "I slept all night"

Baby Milestone cards seem to be trending now in the age of social media. An inexpensive gift that keeps on giving. Sharing an image of a little one with a card beside showing how many weeks or months old is a great way to store a memory. When did she first smile? When did he get his first tooth? How much hair did they have when they were a month old? Not on the High Street is a great place for unusual gifts supporting small businesses and they have some lovely milestone cards. I only wish that they were available when my children, Max and Ruby were little. I have to rely on my little red book for milestone dates.

A Rocking Chair

White and wooden gliding rocking chair in bedroom setting

One of my (sorry our) most treasured gifts when I fell pregnant with our first child, Max, was my beautiful gliding rocking chair. Not only was it a god send during my pregnancy as it was the only place that I was comfortable, but it was invaluable with a newborn. Both children were nursed and comforted there and I spent many a 3am feed watching the night sky from it. If you have room in your nursery then it’s one gift I would definitely put on my list. Right at the top! Lots of furniture shops offer different styles and colours and John Lewis has really a nice range.

A Silver Photo frame

A simple silver photo frame for a simple first baby image or even the first scan picture. The frame could also be saved for a favourite image at a later stage. A family can never have enough photo frames and never enough photos.


sleeping baby with a pink tutu laying down

So what better gift for a baby boy or baby girl (in our opinion) than a beautiful and timeless photography session.

Of course there are plenty of newborn photographers out there to choose from. But the biggest reason new mums (and dads) love to come to us is how wonderfully easy the whole process is, because this is often the first time they venture out with their new baby. With most photography studios you have to either head into a city centre, battle for parking and trek through the streets to find the studio, or worse be cramped in a tiny converted garage in a home studio. Our studio is based on the grounds of the stunning Renishaw Hall estate, just off junction 30 of the M1. We’re incredibly easy to find, have unlimited parking right outside our courtyard, and loads of space inside for pram-parking, as well as comfy sofas for mum and dad to kick back and relax with a gorgeous coffee while we capture some stunning images for them.

We have newborn gift vouchers available from just £25 which can be collected from our studio at Renishaw Hall or posted directly to you. Take a look at our Newborn Photography Information page to find out more, or simply get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to chatting with you.

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Would recommend Chrysalis Photography to anyone. Friendly and thoughtful, what could have been a disaster with a 2yr old turned out to be fun and the end result is fab 5 stars from us.

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