What do you buy a friend or family member who has a dog? It can be hard to know what to get them for a present, especially if you’re not a dog owner yourself. So here are our top 7 gifts for dog owners, to help you out. As professional dog photographers, and dog owners, Allie and I have spoken with hundreds of dog owners, and this list has been compiled. from years of seeing these customers, the items they bring, and just generally chatting

A book to understand dog behaviour

They’ll thank you later, the owners I mean. Though maybe also their dogs. Even some of the most experienced dog owners don’t always fully understand their dogs’ behaviour. But dogs don’t usually come with a manual.

Think Dog, by John Fisher, is a fantastic book, explaining the psychology of dogs – what they expect from their owners as well as what they need. It also goes through the most common behavioural problems and explains them.

Dog water bottle

This portable water bottle made by Nobby seems really popular with dog owners. It’s incredible how many times it appears in our studio.

Dog travel bag

Travel Bags for dogs can be very useful to keep treats and poo bag’s in, you can even find some that attach to a dog harness so they can carry their own items.

Dog Photoshoot

Time for a shameless plug – as photographers, we don’t think that there is any better present than a dog photoshoot. This is a gift they will treasure forever. Dogs are everything to their owners. The saying goes “they give you the best days of your life and the one worst. Give them an image of their best friend that they will cherish.

Our studio at Renishaw Hall is perfect for a dog photoshoot. We believe it’s the best place for dog photography. We have gift vouchers available starting from just £25.

Dogs of Instagram book

Number five in our top 7 gifts for dog owners is this great book of dogs from Instagram.

Dog obedience training

If someone you know has recently got a new dog or puppy then training for them is a great gift to ensure they don’t run off or destroy your sofa.

Aquapaw pet bathing shower tool

This tool is perfect to clean your pets, especially if they have been jumping around in muddy puddles

How to Book your Dog Photoshoot

We hope you enjoyed our top 7 gifts for dog owners. Of course, we love number four the most. If you do too then take a look at our Dog Photography page to find out more about our dog photoshoots. Then if you have any other questions or you agree that this is a great present for your friend or family, you can simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Otherwise, you can purchase gift vouchers directly from this site.

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