We love to create beautiful timeless portraits that capture family photography memories for our clients. So we thought we would put together a little slideshow to highlight the main areas of photography that we cover. We hope you like it.

We specialise in family photography. From capturing a future mums baby bump, right through to them leaving the nest, we love to capture families at their different stages. This slideshow is just a small selection of the thousands of images we’ve created over the years. If you want to view more of our images you can head to our gallery. Or let us know what you have in mind – we love to incorporate our clients ideas.

We chose not to include our dog photography in this slideshow as we feel that deserves it’s own special presentation. The same goes for our horse photography. Both of which we will link from here when they’re completed.

This slideshow also gives you an example of how your images are first presented to you at your viewing session. Our clients always love the opportunity to sit back with a coffee and enjoy their family images in this way. Your slideshow is then also available to take away as part of our special packages.

We also love to capture dance photography, so we’ll also create a slideshow for that very soon.

To book your have your family photography memories captured simply head to our CONTACT page and we’ll call you to chat about how it all works and answer any questions you have. Then we can find a suitable date to book you in. See you soon!

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Would recommend Chrysalis Photography to anyone. Friendly and thoughtful, what could have been a disaster with a 2yr old turned out to be fun and the end result is fab 5 stars from us.

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