We thought we would share our 6 essential tips for new mums. As parents of two and with seeing so many families over the years coming in and out of the studio we have gathered some great tips. Some were given to me by my own mum, some have been learned as the years went by and some are just common sense which we all loose sight of sometimes.

1. Take a step back

The first tip from my own armoury is to take a step back. Everything is new and although there are lots of advisories out there, there really is no hard and fast rules. Take a step back, try and relax and look at the whole picture. You’re new at this, it’s a learning curve and you’ll be ok! And just remember that we are all human.

2. Trust your instinct

The most important piece of advice I was given by my own mum is to trust your instinct. A child won’t go hungry she always told me. You’ll find of course that Midwives do know a lot about babies in general, but you know a lot about your baby. As a new mum I was always searching for reassurance, however if I had simply gone with my gut I would have probably ended up in exactly the same place. May be I would have reached that place alot quicker and with less heart ache if I had trusted my instinct.

3. Be Organised

Even if it is just picking out clothes and making sure the change bag is ready the evening before. It means no indecision in the morning or trying to remember everything whilst getting baby sorted. This tends to make leaving the house so much easier. Put in a routine. It doesn’t have to be strict and military style, just one that works for you. A simple bedtime and sleepy time routine can make life less stressful. Remember that routines needs to be a little flexible too. If it’s nap time, but you have decided to go for a walk in the sunshine, then nap time can be in the pram.

4. Get Out, Take a Walk.

Getting out of the house is one of the most challenging things to get right as a new mum/parent. I refer you back to the be organised tip. If you have planned a newborn photography session then this might be your first trip out of the house. Make the most of it, be organised and you will be able to relax and enjoy it. Take a walk with the pram, get some fresh air. You’ll feel so much better and will be ready to face the next feed, nappy and grizzle.

5. Housework is for Losers

One of my favourite pieces of advice is to forget the housework! You have more important things to think about than mopping the floor and wiping down the woodwork. The kids won’t remember whether the house was clean or dirty, they will remember the games you played together and the stories you read aloud. And if you need to do it then Mrs Hinch it!

6. Take lots of pictures!

Take lots of pictures. And if you can’t or you don’t know how, then ask someone who can and does know how! As the years go by, you’ll be so happy you took all of those sleeping baby shots. If you would like to book an appointment with us (this is a sneaky essential tip number 7!), then contact us here. We can advise you on timings and what to bring and get you booked into the diary.

Also see our blog on the the photos you must take of your newborn baby.

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