dachshund with beautiful speckled cost and tartan collar

Dachshunds are super cute, and great fun to photograph. The Sitwell family here at Renishaw Hall adore Dachshunds and their home is full of Dachshund pillow, images and ornaments. So here we’ve put together some of the cute Dachshund images we’ve created in our studio at Renishaw Hall.

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What Are Dachshunds Like As Pets?

studio image of a cute dachshund

Dachshunds are very loyal dogs and great with children. Though they’re only very small, Dachshunds are very courageous in nature certainly not timid with other dogs. I love having this breed in the studio as they often are happy to have a cuddle before we start. As far as I know they don’t shed hair either which is always a bonus in the home.

Some of our favourite Dachshund images

dachshund in a photography studio against a brown background

So here we go, in no particular order, here’s some of our favourite cute Dachshund images. Apologies to any previous clients who might see this page and wonder why their Dachshund images are not featured here. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting many Dachshunds over the years and unfortunately we can’t feature them all here.

cute dachshund wearing a pink bow

The first image in this collection was a dachshund with the most unusual and beautiful mottled coat. One of my favourite images, with his red tartan collar and his slightly sad eyes.

Contrast that image with the one above of the dachshund in the red collar, who almost looks like he’s smiling. Then you have this very pretty dachshund with her big pink bow.

cute dachshund posing against a red background

We love to play around with the backgrounds and this dachshund looks fantastic set against the red.

a dachshund and his owner cuddling

I love to also get the owners in the images where possible. I love this photo of a young girl cuddling her dog.

long haired dachshund stood proudly for photograph

So far this is the only long haired dachshund we’ve had in the studio. Such a gorgeous coat as well.

couple sat on a park bench together with their dachshund

You don’t always need your dog to be the main focus of your wall portrait. What I love about this image is the gorgeous smiles the couple both have on this bench, which is only just outside out studio. Then you see this cute little dachshund sat up looking at me all confused.

black and white photo of a dachshund in a photography studio

It’s rare I convert a dog image to black and white as I feel that the colour of the dogs coat is very much a part of them. But with this dachshund standing so straight to the camera and giving me his full attention I though it added more strength to the image in B&W.

Finally I couldn’t resist adding this super cute image of a dachshund puppy, sat so beautifully for me. Actually the reality of this image was that he really just wanted to go exploring. But by keeping his lead on and strategic holding we were able to get the perfect image. Then all we had to do was remove the lead and hands.

cute dachshund puppy sitting for a photograph

Booking your Dachshund Photography Session

So we hope you’ve loved looking at some of our cute Dachshund images in the studio. If you want us to capture a gorgeous image of your Dachshund, or indeed any other breed then just get in touch. Our studio is based on the stunning grounds of Renishaw Hall, which means, not only can we capture studio images of your dog, but if the weather is nice we can do some outdoor photography as well. Why not extend your visit to Renishaw Hall and take a walk around their award-winning gardens, and enjoy some tea and cake in their courtyard cafe.

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