Every year it’s the same. When we see the John Lewis advert or the Coca Cola truck appears, the crazy shopping season starts. The Christmas music plays on constant loop in all the shops and the countdown begins. It’s so tempting to following trends and buy throw away gifts. How many of you have received a gift that is still in it’s box years later? Our aim is to show you the perfect Christmas present that lasts forever.

The environmental consequences of Christmas

Due to the nature of the gifts often purchased for Christmas, and how they are packaged, most end in landfill. According to packaging company GWP Group, the UK uses 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, a huge proportion of which will end up in the bin. If you include all the plastic packaging from those toys, games and DVD’s, the amount of environmental damage is staggering.

Photography vouchers can be purchased online with no environmental impact. Alternatively we can provide a paper voucher in a card gift box that can easily be recycled.

The Best Gift For Xmas that they will Treasure

So what is the alternative to all this present buying madness. Well we believe we have the perfect answer for you – a professional photography experience! Unique, precious and long lasting.

What could be a better present for a member of your family or a friend than a bespoke photography gift that they display proudly in their home for decades to come.

The Advantages of buying a Photography Gift Voucher

It’s so simple. Buy our vouchers from our studio or online here. Photography vouchers are the perfect solution for any gift for Families, Dog owners, new parents and couples to name just a few. They won’t return a gift that they chose themselves!! This gift is something that the whole family can enjoy.

How to Buy your Photography Gift Voucher

You can either pop into our studio or purchase directly from our Gift Voucher page.

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