We recently had the pleasure of working with Becci Harrold. Becci is a serious amateur event rider based in Derbyshire. We first met in Thomas Irving Equestrian Store , got chatting, and decided then that we should do a shoot together. At the time one of Becci’s ambitions was to make the cover of Equestrian Life Magazine. “well let’s make it happen then!” I remember saying, not exactly knowing how we were going to do it.

The Challenge

It was a lovely evening when we finally managed to get together for the shoot with Becci and her horse, Annie. When I first arrived I asked Becci if she had any images in mind. “No, I’ll leave that to you”, she said, “just so long as you don’t get our hideous barn in the images”. She pointed at the rusting corrugated iron wall of the barn where Annie was. “Right, I’ll remember that” I said, and we began the shoot.

The Shoot

As you can see we managed to capture some beautiful images of Becci and Annie. When we got towards the end of the session I checked if there was any other images she wanted. “No that was great!” she exclaimed. I then turned to the rusty metal wall and said “OK I want you to just do one image for me then!”. Reluctantly Becci very kindly let me capture her and Annie in front of the barn she hated. The result for me is the best image from the whole session. When Becci saw the image she agreed and bought it for her mum, and it also has pride of place in our studio reception.

Becci Harrold and her horse

The Results

Becci also managed to get on the front cover of Equestrian Life Magazine with these images. A couple of years later we had a great shoot again, and once again Becci managed to get on the front cover. Becci now writes a monthly article in the magazine.

Becci Harrold with her horse
woman in a field with her horse
woman in a field with her horse
horse photoshoot with the owner
image of Becci Harrold with her horse

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Would recommend Chrysalis Photography to anyone. Friendly and thoughtful, what could have been a disaster with a 2yr old turned out to be fun and the end result is fab 5 stars from us.

Hannah Nettleship

Chrysalis Photography

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Renishaw Hall,

Sheffield, Derbyshire

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