ballet dancer with flowing ribbon above her head

I absolutely love capturing beautiful ballet images in my studio. Though I must confess I wasn’t a ballet fan at all before I started in photography. In fact I still can’t even say I’ve been to a ballet. Oh yes I did go to see The Nutcracker while I was at University, but that was only because I was invited on a ‘double-date’. But at the time I was discovering Pink Floyd and The Nutcracker just didn’t excite me at all.

Anyway I digress. For a photographer ballet dancers are a joy to photograph. Every pose they make is devine, from the tip of their fingers to the tip of their ‘en pointe’ toes. None more so than Holly Mitchell (above). I’ve worked with Holly a couple of times, and she is amazing. Also ballet dancers are really hardworking. So if you need to repeat the shot 20 times that’s fine (not that I did.)

So in this post I’ve put together some of my favourite ballet poses I’ve created with these fantastic dancers over the years. As I get more time I’ll go back through the archives and add more images. Plus if you come for a ballet photography shoot with us you might end up featuring here in the future!

black and white photo of girl tying ballet shoes

male and female contemporary dancers in photography studio

ballet dancer on point and bending over

How to Book Your Ballet Photoshoot

If you’re a dancer and you love our style of ballet images then take a look at our Dance Photography page. This will explain more about our sessions. You can also view our Gallery for more dance images. All you need to do then is Get In Touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and get you booked in. Let’s get creating!

male and female contemporary dancers in photography studio

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