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That song. Such a beautiful rendition by Keala Settle in the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ is all about being free to be the person we are inside & learning to embrace it. Learning to say it to your family, friends and the world around us that we are proud of who we are & that we won’t let others say otherwise.

Bullying. Peer pressure. Mood swings. Braces. Acne. Growth Spurts. Jealousy. Cliques… Teen hood is tough. As a parent, you do anything to help your child.

You wish you could:

• take away their anxiety,

• help them feel less awkward,

• make them see how amazing they really are.

As photographers and parents of two teenagers ourselves, Chris & I completely understand the pain of watching kids struggle. Teenagers are constantly bombarded with messages, which make them feel that they aren’t good enough, that they need to compromise how they are & fit in. We want to encourage our teenage children that they ARE ok and are loved, just as they are.

Our "This Is Me" photo shoots are designed to help you do that. We are launching the This is Me project because: We see too many sad young people & teenagers. Most teenagers that come to photo shoots with their families are here under duress. They aren’t here because they want to be and are often embarrassed about the way they look on the images, further confirming to them that they are not good enough. This type of photo shoot and the positive attention involved, aims to be a great experience for both the teenager & parents too. The customised shoots mirror and celebrate teens’ unique personalities, something necessary for healthy development as they move into the teen years. The photos reflect teens’ true beauty and inner strength. This can literally change the way teens see themselves.

How To Get Involved 

Here are the details:

• Whether art, rugby, dance, or drama, your teen’s interests shape the shoot. • Shoots are for individual teens at our beautiful studio in the grounds of the stunning Renishaw Hall stately home.

• We create dazzling portraits with your teen while you relax and watch the fun.

• Receive a £50 voucher to spend on a range of beautifully crafted products created just for the This Is Me project.

Be part of the This is Me project, simply fill out the form with your teen and we’ll be in touch to get them booked in for their unique shoot.


We are looking for both boys and girls for our photography project, ages 10-16. We will ask the participant and their parents a few questions, then combine the text and photographs to create one impactful piece of art.

Terms & Conditions: Please note that one or both parents must attend both the shoot at the viewing session.  One voucher per teen.  Sessions are limited and are subject to availability.

This is Me registration form

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