New Year Excitement - chrysalisphotography

A new year and new beginnings!

We love having expecting couples in the studio. It’s all so new and so exciting. So when Stacey and John entered the studio just after Christmas there was such a lovely buzz around them and it’s always so infectious.

As a little gift for Stacey, John had asked us to book our Makeup artist for the session to give Stacey a proper pamper and get her feeling glorious – not that she needed much help to be fair – and the results were really stunning, as you can see. 

Not all of our expectant mums want to go completely nude, however Stacey is a very fit young lady and very body confident, so had no problems with having images as nature intended.

Well done Stacey and good luck for the birth – we look forward to welcoming your little one back in the studio once he/she has arrived.

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