Cake Smash - chrysalisphotography

Since the Cake Smash Photography trend is gaining momentum again, we thought we would give it a try. One of our loyal customers, who had already trusted us with both their wedding and their newborn baby images, was happy to bring their daughter in for the shoot to celebrate her first birthday. Ivy was fantastic to photograph even as a newborn, and her image can still be found on our gallery page smiling away while fast asleep in her first few days of life. At 1 year old she was still a joy, and I couldn’t resist capturing a few B&W images of her first before we started on the cake:

We just love Ivy’s expression and beautiful big eyes in this image. So onto the cake smash. We went for a pink theme, which seemed to work great with the cake. Ivy didn’t need too much encouragement to get stuck into it, and we’re chuffed with the results.

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