Sport - chrysalisphotography


Whether you are celebrating a sporting achievement, wanting images for corporate use, or simply to have for your own enjoyment, Chrysalis Photography sporting photoshoots are a brilliant way to showcase both your skill and your love for the sport. From dancing to skiing, Chris has captured all aspects of sport, and would be up to any challenge he faced. To view our work on sport, click here. 

Choosing what to wear for these sort of shoots can often raise questions. Feel free to come dressed in your comfortable clothes, and you are more than welcome to change once here. Be sure to bring everything you need for the shoot; your sporting attire, appropriate footwear (if any), and any equipment you would like featured (such as boxing gloves, a ball, a hockey stick, etc.). 

Chrysalis Photography also offers sporting shoots which capture the athleticism of the model, rather than the skill of the sport, as demonstrated in the examples below. For further enquires, contact us via email or phone. 

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