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Products & Prices

Here at Chrysalis Photography, we produce the finest quality wall and desk products, produced by the best professional labs in the United Kingdom.

Box Frames

One of our most popular choices, the box frame, is a striking yet subtle alternative to traditional framing, and we offer a range of moulding colours to complement or contrast with your images. Box frames are especially effective within clusters of images, as displayed in the middle picture above. 

Traditional Frames

Choose a classic flair for timeless elegance with a framing collection that embodies traditional framing styles. Flexible, adaptable and at home in any environment. The right frame can make an image stand out. Choose from sleek and simple to bold and intricate, and our extensive selection of framing options means that you can find the right frame suited to you. Chris will use his professional experience and skill to recommend the frame he thinks would compliment your image, and together we will work to ensure that your image is displayed beautifully in a frame suited to both the image and yourself.


Robust, waterproof and self-sufficient, the unique printing method of the Alumini, creates an impressive wall product that will stand out in any home.

Using the latest printing technology in high definition metal, the Alumini creates an eye-catching wall art feature sure to present your images beautifully in any environment. 

We like them so much we have several showcasing our work on the walls of our studio, so we are sure you will love them as well. We think that they work best as a single image. 

Traditional Canvas Wraps

The traditional canvas wrap is a perfect piece of wall art that suits multiple styles of photography, and always looks simplistically perfect. With a high-quality, professional finish in a range of sizes, this style provides you with a classic and affordable piece of decor for your home, that you are sure to treasure forever. 

Art Panels

Art panels are a more modern way of showcasing your images. Whilst remaining sleek and stylish, art panels are sure to emphasise the beauty of the image in its raw state. We think that art panels make great large individual images, but you can also use art panels in clusters of images if it suits your wall space, or you simply can't decide on just one image!

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