Pregnancy - chrysalisphotography


Capturing that time when it’s just you and the baby in your own little world, is something quite special. Most mums miss the feeling of being pregnant once their baby is born, so a photoshoot is the perfect way to remember those precious times. We suggest that you come along when you are between 30-36 weeks gestation, at which point you should be 'blooming' and feeling at your best.

Chrysalis Photography will create beautiful, tasteful and respectful pregnancy images. We assure you that the result will be a stunning piece of art to celebrate the beginning of your journey in to motherhood. If you wish, we can arrange for a professional hair-stylist and makeup artist to come along to the photoshoot, to ensure you look and feel your best. We also include a complimentary newborn session, once your baby is born. To book a session, contact us via email or phone, and take a look at our gallery featuring our previous maternity shoots. 

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