Boudoir - chrysalisphotography


We are passionate about making women feel unique and beautiful. The intimacy of our studio will make you feel comfortable yet beautiful, subsequently producing images you will love. We will help you discover your beauty and embrace your body, and the images produced will celebrate the elegance of the female body, as we work together to create the results suited to you. 

Bring to the shoot anything you wish to wear. We understand at Chrysalis Photography that every Boudoir shoot is different, and that some women are more modest than others. We do our utmost during Boudoir shoots to make each woman feel as comfortable as possible, whether it is a nude, lingerie or other style. 

To view our work on Boudoir shoots, view our gallery, and if you have any enquiries or wish to book your own session, please contact us on  -  01144040898 or at

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