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Close to Derbyshire and Sheffield, our studios are located in the stable courtyard within the beautiful grounds of Renishaw Hall, just three miles from the M1 (junction 30). Renishaw has ample parking, making it easy for you and your family to access us, and opposite the studio is the Renishaw Cafe and Museum, so why not make a day of it? Before your shoot, enjoy a relaxing walk around the gardens, and after your shoot, indulge in a cafe lunch!

If you book in advance, you can book your viewing session on the same day as your shoot, so why not enjoy what Renishaw has to offer after your shoot, before coming back to view your stunning images?  

Our studio consists of the highest quality equipment. With safely mounted, ceiling lights, so that there are no loose cables or tripod dangers, our studio is extremely pet and child friendly! We have comfortable sofas where you can relax in between shoots and refreshments will be offered throughout the photoshoot. 

Our sofas are also used during the viewing session, where we will project our well put together slideshow, consisting of your images, onto the wall opposite, and again, offer you plentiful refreshments, so you can enjoy your images in total comfort. It's just like being at the movies!

We are extremely lucky to have such a beautiful studio for our photoshoots, but we also offer location shoots within the beautiful grounds of Renishaw Hall.

As you can see in the stunning images above, the picturesque gardens can make beautiful images that you and your family are sure to treasure for generations to come. To enquire about an on location shoot, call us on - 01144 040898 or email us at

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