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Meet the Team

Over the last eleven years, we have grown from just Chris and Allie to a fantastic team of six. We have Lisa and Jen at the front of house, answering your calls, welcoming you to our beautiful studio and offering refreshments to you and your family. 

We have Penny, our in-house editor, who enhances all of your images, making them perfect for your viewing session.

We also have Sarah, our second photographer, working with our Sunday clients, whilst Chris and Allie spend time with their children at the end of the week. 


Jenny is one of our lovely front of house receptionists. Jenny is a first point of call and will be who you speak to in order to book your shoot. 

When not on the phones, Jenny can be found in a pair of wellies either walking her beautiful dog Elsa, or riding Slinky her dark bay pony. 


Lisa is our other front of house receptionist and also responsible for business development. Like Jenny, your first point of call could also be with Lisa, who will tell you all about your experience, and she makes a mean flat white!

When not being super efficient in the studio, Lisa will be found listening to dance music in her kitchen, baking delicious vegan cakes.


Penny is our in-house editor and has been working on Chrysalis Photography images now for many years. She has edited thousands of images, making them perfect for your slide shows and frames for the wall.

When not editing our clients images, Penny will either be at the gym or producing snacks from her bottomless snack bag to feed us all up!


Allie is Chris's wife and spent 17 years in the Travel industry before joining Chris to help with the business. She is now Director, Office Manager, Head of Marketing, Sales and Accounts and all things in between.

When she is not managing the office, she can be found like a lizard in the sunshine or travelling far and wide. 


Chris is a doctor of Chemistry by trade, changing direction eleven years ago to concentrate on his passion of photography. Growing from a mock up studio in the back bedroom, to his dream studio in the beautiful surroundings of Renishaw Hall.

When he's not taking stunning images, he can be found tinkering with gadgets and gizmos!

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