My name is Chris Langham and I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I’ve also been a teacher/coach to individuals and groups in that time. I’ve created this post to explain our 1-2-1 photography training service.

The benefits of 1-2-1 Photography Training at Our Studio

Indoor and Outdoor Training in One Location

We are situation on the grounds of the stunning Renishaw Hall and Gardens. This makes us uniquely placed to be able to carry out our 1-2-1 photography courses both inside our studio and on location in one session.

Tailor-made to Suit Your Needs

Attending group photography courses can be a fantastic learning experience. I’ve been to many group courses myself and learnt a tremendous amount. And of course now I am running my own group courses. I keep my group courses limited to five people maximum. In that size of group the photography training can be great value for money (as the photographers time is split across multiple people) and still allow time for your questions.

The disadvantage with group photography courses though is they they have to be structured in order to deliver the content that the group have signed up for. This is where 1-2-1- photo training is fantastic. It’s just the two of us so you can decide exactly what you want help with and I’ll put together bespoke training for you.

Learn at Your own Pace

You can decide when you want to learn, how long and how often you want to see me. Then if you find on the day that you need me to go over something again we can. Or maybe there’s something didn’t realise you needed to learn about. In which case we can take a completely different direction to help bridge those gaps in your knowledge.

Book Your 1-2-1 Photography Training

Whatever your current level of photography there’s always so much still to learn. So treat yourself to a personalised session with me and I’ll get you the training you need to take your images to the next level. Simply head to our Contact page and you can either email or call me to discuss your photography training.

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