Mr Brad Burton at Yorkshire Mafia

Good Afternoon all – how’s your Monday been thus far?? Firstly my I apologies for my bad behaviour – 2 weeks without a blog is just rude. Sorry! I’m trying my best to find some decent excuses but I can’t, just time. So as way of an apology I may just hit you with a double whammy and post another blog tomorrow. On a lighter note, spring is in the air, blue skies and sunshine brighten our days and there is a smile on everyones face. This week on top of the usual portrait and commercial bookings we were asked to photography Brad Burton, MD of the international networking group – 4networking at the Yorkshire Mafia conference in Leeds. Brad is a big character with a big heart and is a fantastic inspiration to many and we were delighted to not only photograph him but also get the chance to hear his fantastic inspirational talk. Chris really has captured the essence of Brad showing his passion for business and getting people of their arse… not being rude, that’s the name of his books GOYA (Get off your Arse) and GOYAtoo (the sequel) – a really good read and both available […]