Trash the Dress

You buy that dress that you’ve dreamt of all your life, you wear it for one day and then you have it cleaned before putting in the attic, in a box, never to be seen again. Brides can now ‘Trash’ the dress, Rock the Frock or Cherish the Dress – a new style of photo shoot that is a great excuse to wear that beautiful dress one more time.  Whether it be a few weeks or months after the wedding – or a few years down the line, how lovely to feel like a bride again.   Unlike the original Trash the Dress idea, where the bride has been known to set fire to the dress, rip it or something equally dramatic, our version is a little more tame. However – we’re always open to suggestions and up for a challenge!     Natalie didn’t trash her dress exactly… it just got a bit wet!!  Her wedding took place last October of last year and unfortunately we were unable to attend the actual wedding date. However she contacted us a few months later with the idea that she would like some images taken at Padley Gorge – a place very special to […]

Horse Photography – an emotional story

  As a photographer I have been part of so many lives and have told many a story through my images.  Stories mainly of happy times, new beginnings and milestones.  Some of these stories are emotional … but none more so that the story of Emily and Scooby the horse. An emotional call from Emily, the stable manager at Dunston Hole Farm where our studio is located resulted in dropping everything and capturing a memory never to be relived.  Her own horse, Scooby, has been suffering terrible pain in his legs and Emily had to take the painful decision to have him put to sleep. On Sunday I spent a glorious couple of hours sharing a very special time on what was to be their last evening together.  As Emily said her goodbyes and spoken gently to Scooby I respectfully captured their evening together. The video below shows just a few of those lovely moments…

Our recent dance photography shoot

As part of our recent dance photography promotion we had a fantastic couple of hours in the studio with talented dancer Stephanie Sutton. Her incredible flexibility and beautiful poses gave us a great chance to really experiment with light and shadow, and we’re thrilled with the images. Special thanks to Stephanie for a great shoot and we wish her all the best with her future dance career. [nggallery ID=26] If you know anybody who would enjoy a dance photography shoot like this, please pass on our details. We can provide stunning portfolio books and digital images, as well as a fantastic range of wall art. Keywords: dance photography, Sheffield, Chesterfield, ballet, tap, contemporary, street dance, photographer, model portfolio, headshots

Baby Ayva’s story

We had a very emotional viewing session yesterday, which also brought tears to my eyes. What followed is one of the most amazing testimonials we have ever been sent: “Some journeys start with a step, others start with a single breath. On the seventh of September 2011 our eighth baby was born, she was the only one who ever cried, all the others were born sleeping. Ayva was born too soon; she was supposed to be arrive at Christmas, delivered by the Cedar Senai hospital in Los Angeles. Instead, her birthday was witnessed in Chesterfield, and the first few weeks were spent in neonatal in Leeds and Chesterfield. Ayva still hasn’t been home to her new house in Beverly Hills. She has never slept in her nursery, and she has never met her Godparents. The two car journeys and ten-hour flight have been delayed until June. The reason I share this is because eight months along Ayva can breathe on her own, her heart can beat independently of any machine and most of all she is a baby who can smile and Chris was the person to capture that moment. So therefore, as I summarise our journey know this. Some […]

Food Photography – Hotel Van Dyk Xmas Menu

Just recently I was asked to do the food photography for Hotel Van Dyk 2012 Xmas menu. Now anybody who knows me would not be surprised to hear that this is one of my favourite types of shoot, and why not – photography and food…… Bliss. Sam has been the Chef at Hotel Van Dyk for many years now, and for those of you who have never eaten there before, his meals are just fantastic. This selection of dishes he has created for this years Xmas menu are no exception. As he kept bringing me these incredible plates full of gorgeous food it was torture to not dive in and eat the lot. But I managed to hold off until the last dish was brought through, before asking for a sneaky taste of a few of the dishes. I can honestly say that, of the dishes I tasted (no I wasn’t that greedy to try them all), they were just delicious. The steak in particular was just incredible. So if you’re looking for somewhere to treat yourself over Xmas, give Hotel Van Dyk a call and book in for their Xmas special. Tell ‘em I sent you and, well, they’ll […]