Trash the Dress

You buy that dress that you’ve dreamt of all your life, you wear it for one day and then you have it cleaned before putting in the attic, in a box, never to be seen again. Brides can now ‘Trash’ the dress, Rock the Frock or Cherish the Dress – a new style of photo shoot that is a great excuse to wear that beautiful dress one more time.  Whether it be a few weeks or months after the wedding – or a few years down the line, how lovely to feel like a bride again.   Unlike the original Trash the Dress idea, where the bride has been known to set fire to the dress, rip it or something equally dramatic, our version is a little more tame. However – we’re always open to suggestions and up for a challenge!     Natalie didn’t trash her dress exactly… it just got a bit wet!!  Her wedding took place last October of last year and unfortunately we were unable to attend the actual wedding date. However she contacted us a few months later with the idea that she would like some images taken at Padley Gorge – a place very special to […]