The wedding of Mr and Mrs Clark

Well our wedding season is all but over, with just a couple more albums to create once the couples have chosen their favourites. Time for us to get posting blogs again. We’ll start with Ryan and Natalie’s wedding in Prestbury. The village is absolutely beautiful, and the perfect setting for a wedding.   I’ve been blessed with the most wonderful wedding couples over the years, and Ryan and Natalie were no exception. Ryan recently took the brave move to end his career as a city banker, and carried out self-funded training program to become a qualified airline pilot. A fantastic achievement and a testament to the strength of their relationship that Ryan could take such a dramatic change of career, knowing that Natalie would support him 100%. We were in a similar situation 6 years ago when I gave up my career in the chemical industry to pursue this dream. I must give credit to my wife, Allie, at this point, and say there’s no way I could’ve done it without her. So I’ve no doubt that this early demonstration of Ryan and Natalie’s strength and support for each other will mean they will have a very long and amazing […]