Kids Portrait Parties

We’re now offering fantastic portrait parties at our Photography studio in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The session below with Gemma was the first of these new shoots, and the girls all had a fantastic time! [nggallery id=6] These parties are perfect for girls aged 10-16 years old who are looking for a fun and exciting birthday. Girls of this age there’s don’t have many options for having a great party with their friends – cinema, bowling or Pizza Hut seem to be the popular choices. With our 2 hours studio photography sessions they have the chance to dress up and strike a pose! They can bring their own music, snacks and drinks, and just have fun with their friends while we go through a range of group and individual shots. Just a couple of weeks after the portrait party we invite the birthday girl and her family back to our studio for a viewing of the images from the session. This is also a great opportunity for mum and dad to get their daughter a wonderful portrait present that will last a lifetime. Special thanks to Gemma and her mum for allowing us to show these images.