Cake Smash

Since the Cake Smash Photography trend is gaining momentum again, we thought we would give it a try. One of our loyal customers, who had already trusted us with both their wedding and their newborn baby images, was happy to bring their daughter in for the shoot to celebrate her first birthday. Ivy was fantastic to photograph even as a newborn, and her image can still be found on our gallery page smiling away while fast asleep in her first few days of life. At 1 year old she was still a joy, and I couldn’t resist capturing a few B&W images of her first before we started on the cake:   We just love Ivy’s expression and beautiful big eyes in this image. So onto the cake smash. We went for a pink theme, which seemed to work great with the cake. Ivy didn’t need too much encouragement to get stuck into it, and we’re chuffed with the results.     If you know anybody with children reaching their first birthday, then why not treat them to a cake smash photo shoot with us. Gift vouchers are available on request.

Our new Studio windows

Another exciting day for Allie and I at our wonderful new Renishaw Hall studio – we’ve had all the wooden doorway and bars removed and completely glazed. We’re thrilled with how it looks now. Not only does it bring a huge amount of natural light into the studio, and allows passers-by to see inside, but also gives us another gorgeous window location for our portrait photography. I’m putting in a late night editing tonight, with the wedding season upon us, but I couldn’t resist taking 5 minutes away from the screen to get a photograph of the studio before the light goes. The next stage is to swap the middle glass on the left arch to a glazed door, to give us a welcome reception area. We must say a special thank you to John and Malc at Renishaw Hall for grafting so hard on this today. Here’s a snapshot of the old door to show the difference – those bars were not very inviting were they?  

A photographers holiday!

Bonjour! My first blog since way before our holiday with the children… very poor I know, consider myself ticked off. April has been a bit of a blur with all the bank holidays, our family holiday to Brittany, Easter and the Royal Wedding, but we’re back on track now and once again Chrysalis Towers is purring along like a finely tuned Ferrari. I thought that I’d go off track for this blog and personalise it a little with a short video of images from our holiday. Just a few snaps including our accommodation – Le Manoir du Neviet, a beautiful Manor with Gites in the grounds ( Just the place to recharge the batteries and get away from the day to day pressures of running your own business. It was also a photographers paradise and the owners asked us to take some more images of their property to update the website. How could we refuse. Chris had barely been in the office during the first few weeks of April, but had been buzzing around and Chrysalis Towers was a hive of activity. We had 2 wedding fayres, 3 full days at our studio in Peterborough and 3 commercial shoots just […]

We found our mojo!

Back so soon I hear you cry… well I have been away for a few weeks so am feeling a little guilty for my absence. However, we seem to have found our mojo from somewhere all of a sudden – Hurrah! Chris is producing some unbelievable images down at Kiddicare with some of his portrait clients and we have had enquiries flooding in for weddings and portraits in both Sheffield and our Peterborough studio (in the Kiddicare store). We have been trying to think of ways of promoting our Sheffield studio more and like buses we have no enquiries for ages and then dozens come along all at once – I’m not complaining, something is working. The last few weeks has been very exciting with articles coming out in both the White Weddings Magazine and the Yorkshire Brides Magazine along with several of our images being used in the new wedding brochure for Hotel Van Dyk, South Sheffield. (Ooooh, hark at us all in print!). My favourite images from this week are of a lovely little family who came to our Sheffield Studio. Mother, daughter and granddaughter, along with baby’s dad, came along for a family portrait session and we […]

A busy few weeks at Chrysalis Towers

Having started this blog we’ve had such a manic couple of weeks that we’ve not had chance to update it. Not only has it been a busy time for shoots but also we’ve been engrossed in completing our new studio. On top of that Allie has had surgery on her hip, leaving us a bit short staffed for a few days. However the studio is almost finished now, and Allie has made a remarkable recovery, so we’re back up to full speed again. They always say never work with children or animals, and most of the time that’s so true. I love taking pictures of kids, no matter how challenging it might be sometimes. However, on rare occasions we get a child through our doors that is simply a joy work with. This was one of those children: