Food Photography – Hotel Van Dyk Xmas Menu

Just recently I was asked to do the food photography for Hotel Van Dyk 2012 Xmas menu. Now anybody who knows me would not be surprised to hear that this is one of my favourite types of shoot, and why not – photography and food…… Bliss. Sam has been the Chef at Hotel Van Dyk for many years now, and for those of you who have never eaten there before, his meals are just fantastic. This selection of dishes he has created for this years Xmas menu are no exception. As he kept bringing me these incredible plates full of gorgeous food it was torture to not dive in and eat the lot. But I managed to hold off until the last dish was brought through, before asking for a sneaky taste of a few of the dishes. I can honestly say that, of the dishes I tasted (no I wasn’t that greedy to try them all), they were just delicious. The steak in particular was just incredible. So if you’re looking for somewhere to treat yourself over Xmas, give Hotel Van Dyk a call and book in for their Xmas special. Tell ‘em I sent you and, well, they’ll […]