Equestrian Photography – Mr Storm

So today was the long-awaited first horse photo shoot of the year. The weather has been so shocking that we’ve had to reschedule all the equestrian photo shoots until now. This is Mr Storm, a fabulous horse whom I have the pleasure of seeing in the fields by our studio most days. He was a great subject to shoot, and I particularly like this profile of him set against a ‘Stormy’ sky (get it?!). The photo shoot was carried out on the grounds of the farm, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We’re so lucky to be able to step out of the studio and have all these wonderful spaces around us. Despite his mature 22 years he was still a feisty chap. At one point I didn’t move quick enough, and I felt the full weight of his hoof slam down on my foot – note to self, wear something a little more substantial than trainers next time. Thanks a lot to owner Debbie for taking the time to bath and prepare Mr Storm, and also to her fabulous husband, who leapt around behind me, rustling paper, so that Mr Storm thought there were treats in store!! Please give us a call […]