Renishaw Hall in the snow

The January snow has well and truly arrived at Renishaw Hall today, so we took five minutes out to pop into the gardens and take a couple of photographs. Shame the light wasn’t brilliant but it was nice to see the gardens again. We can’t wait to see the snowdrops and then the Bluebells soon after.     The statues are all wrapped up for the winter to protect them from the frost   v Mr Snail didn’t seem too bothered by the snow.   The fountain water has almost frozen over.   More of the beautiful statues tucked up for winter       I found the hare’s, that usually gather in a circle in the spring to stare up at the moon, lined up just outside the hall, looking like they were begging to come in for a warm.        

New year excitement

A new year and new beginnings.  We love having expecting couples in the studio.  It’s all so new and so exciting.  So when Stacey and John entered the studio just after Christmas there was such a lovely buzz around them and it’s always so infectious. As a little gift for Stacey, John had asked us to book our Makeup artist for the session to give Stacey a proper pamper and get her feeling glorious – not that she needed much help to be fair – and the results were really stunning. Not all of our expectant mums want to go completely nude, however Stacey is a very fit young lady and very body confident, so had no problems with having images as nature intended.  Well done Stacey and good luck for the birth – we look forward to welcoming your little one back in the studio once he/she has arrived. If you are currently expecting and would like to have images similar to these we suggest that the session takes place between 30 & 35 weeks.  At this time you are almost at full capacity (!) and not yet feeling uncomfortable.  Call us on 0114 4040898 for more details.

The smallest and cutest model we have had in the studio

Happy New Year to to all our customers, friends, family and first-time visitors. We’ll start 2015 with this little cutie. Bella popped in just to say hi just before Xmas with her mum, Debra, an old customer and now friend from our previous Dunston Studio.  How could we resist letting this gorgeous little puppy onto the studio floor.  She loved all the attention and was into everything as you can see. An indoor shoot at the studio is ideal for little pooches, but we are also ideally placed at Renishaw Hall & Gardens for stunning outdoor shoots with bigger dogs too.  If you are interested in bringing your beloved canine friend to see us, please feel free to CONTACT US for a chat.    

New Life-saving equipment product brochure

A few months ago we were asked by UK company, Ortus, to produce some studio and location images for their flagship product – a pre-hospital defibrillation unit made by Corpuls. This incredibly clever box of gadgetry contains all the required ECG diagnostics needed to monitor the health of a patient, from incident though to hospital, plus a state of the art defibrillator as well if required. All data from the unit is sent via a live feed to the hospital, to allow for additional remote support, as well as completely briefing the hospital staff on the status of the patient ahead of their arrival. Not only is this kit incredibly powerful but it’s also the most lightweight and portable device on the market. The kit easily splits down or clips back together to allow for a variety of scenarios. We were delighted to be chosen to capture the commercial photography of this life-saving unit, and rose to the challenge of showing how clever and flexible it is. Our studio photography allowed us to capture in detail the diagnostics leads and pack components. We then went on location to show how the unit really excels at the scene of an incident – the […]

Cake Smash

Since the Cake Smash Photography trend is gaining momentum again, we thought we would give it a try. One of our loyal customers, who had already trusted us with both their wedding and their newborn baby images, was happy to bring their daughter in for the shoot to celebrate her first birthday. Ivy was fantastic to photograph even as a newborn, and her image can still be found on our gallery page smiling away while fast asleep in her first few days of life. At 1 year old she was still a joy, and I couldn’t resist capturing a few B&W images of her first before we started on the cake:   We just love Ivy’s expression and beautiful big eyes in this image. So onto the cake smash. We went for a pink theme, which seemed to work great with the cake. Ivy didn’t need too much encouragement to get stuck into it, and we’re chuffed with the results.     If you know anybody with children reaching their first birthday, then why not treat them to a cake smash photo shoot with us. Gift vouchers are available on request.