Commercial Photography

For over 8 years we have been one of the leading commercial photography studios for the Sheffield and surrounding areas.

We produce creative product and commercial photography, on budget, on brief and on time! From a well-crafted and beautifully retouched image to a thousand product shots, we create images in-house or on location for adverts, merchandising, corporate brochures and menus.

Fundamental to our approach is building a strong understanding of our clients’ work through their eyes, resulting in striking images that convey their values, design approach and goals.

We help you make a better first impression and believe that quality photography is an investment, which pays dividends for years after the shoot. From internet sales to corporate leaflets and poster advertising, a striking image is crucial, not only in showing what the ‘product’ looks like, but also in evoking a positive emotional response to the product or service you offer.

Our commercial photography can significantly improve your corporate brochures, advertising, business cards and website.

In addition the use of real, high quality professional images on Social Media (facebook, Twitter etc) rather than stock images or iphone photos, would really make your customers take notice.

Promote your business in the best possible way. Call us today to discuss your business photography needs, and we will help provide you with fantastic commercial photography that shines out above the competition

Commercial Photography we can help you with

Product Photography

Product commercial photography significantly highlight the detail, quality and feel of a product to the customer. From platinum wedding rings to commercial vehicles we have captured every shape and size of product

Corporate Headshots

First impressions last. In todays social media world that first impression of you often starts online. Virtual personal branding is so important for your business. What hasn't changed, thankfully, is that people still buy from people. Your customers not only want to know what you do, they want to know who you are.

Corporate headshots are not just for your website these days. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Pinterest are all places your customers can find information about you.

At Chrysalis Photography we have over 8 years of experience in producing high quality corporate headshots. We will help you in advance of the photo session - what to wear, what message you want to portray, and perhaps if we can include you corporate colours in our lighting or backgrounds. We can carry out the shoot either in our state of the art studio, your own choice of location, or maybe a combination of both. If you require your entire business team to have their corporate headshots we can bring our portable studio to your workplace, minimising downtime and inconvenience to your business.

We will also know how to make you feel at ease on the day if you’ve never spent any length of time in front of a camera lens. We will create a wide variety of images for you to choose from, making subtle changes in your pose and expression, backgrounds and light, as well as cropping and compostion, to ensure you have a range of fantastic corporate headshots to suit every possible business need.

Call us today to discuss your own corporate headshot or to find out how we can capture your whole team.



Food Photography

If your business produces great food then of course the best way to get customers is to let them taste it. But if they're tasting it then they're already in your restaurant. How do you get the new customers, without having to give in to Groupon offers?

Social media now offers restaurants, pubs and cafes the perfect opportunity to get new customers drooling at the sight of your incredible meals. Great food photography of YOUR OWN FOOD on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, not to mention your own website, will be sure to improve your business.

Editorial and Advertising

If something great is happening to you or your business then you should be telling the World. Editorials in local or national newpapers and magazines, or on social media such as your blog or Facebook page, is a fantastic - and free - way of promoting your latest business activites. Perhaps a new product launch or business expansion. This needs great photography

Alternatively you might be considering paid advertising. Adverts in magazines are