Baby Ayva’s story

We had a very emotional viewing session yesterday, which also brought tears to my eyes. What followed is one of the most amazing testimonials we have ever been sent:

“Some journeys start with a step, others start with a single breath. On the seventh of September 2011 our eighth baby was born, she was the only one who ever cried, all the others were born sleeping.

Ayva was born too soon; she was supposed to be arrive at Christmas, delivered by the Cedar Senai hospital in Los Angeles. Instead, her birthday was witnessed in Chesterfield, and the first few weeks were spent in neonatal in Leeds and Chesterfield. Ayva still hasn’t been home to her new house in Beverly Hills. She has never slept in her nursery, and she has never met her Godparents. The two car journeys and ten-hour flight have been delayed until June.

The reason I share this is because eight months along Ayva can breathe on her own, her heart can beat independently of any machine and most of all she is a baby who can smile and Chris was the person to capture that moment.

So therefore, as I summarise our journey know this. Some photographers simply take pictures, others possess a gift that captures a story with a single frame. Now that is something very special …”

studio baby photography images sheffield and Chesterfield

 studio baby photography in Sheffield and Chesterfield

studio baby photography images sheffield and Chesterfield

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  1. Claire Jenkins April 27, 2012

    Oh my goodness, I too have tears in my eyes!

    Well done Allie and Chris for capturing such a special moment for that very brave family.


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