Wedding Photography through the years.

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How things have changed. Almost 80 years ago in 1934 my maternal grandparents were married and almost 50 years ago, in 1963, my parents were married. The few images I have from their weddings are very treasured possessions, without which I would have little or no idea of how things looked back then. My grandparents were married without the luxury of a wedding photographer but thankfully some lucky person in the congregation owned a camera, probably a box brownie so I at least have an image of her in her wedding gown.

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No colour shots were taken, of that wedding or of my parents wedding, just black & white and my mother simply can’t remember the colour of my grandmothers outfit. How wonderful that we can now create wedding photography for our couples that will last for their grandchildren to see, either in vibrant colour or the simple black & white from wedding photography gone by. Such an important record and so precious to aid our memories and keep our loved ones image in our minds.

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40 years on we were married ourselves and yes, the wedding photography was one of the most important purchases, even though at the time we were not professional photographers ourselves. But even just 10 years ago wedding photography was less competitive and so much more simple than now. Have a look at the differences in the 4 weddings… My grandmother in 1934, my parents in 1963, Chris & I in 2002 and one of our beautiful brides in 2011… How things have changed! How wedding photography has changed!

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