The wedding of Pete and Sophie – Bedfordshire

It’s particularly lovely for me to capture the wedding day of a couple that I have already had chance to get to know. The recent wedding of Pete and Sophie was a perfect example of this. They were first introduce to me through their close friends, Neil and Jess, after they had been to us a number of for family portraits with their little boy. This was back in the day when we had a strong studio presence in Peterborough, so a short trip from Bedfordshire was easy. However, when Pete and Soph announced their engagement it was not long before they dragged them two hours up to our Chesterfield studio, where they combined an up-to-date family shoot, a wedding consultation and a weekend away.

Pete and Sophie are a wonderful couple and so I was thrilled when they chose me as their wedding photographer. They even came up a second time, with Neil and Jess, and we spent a lovely couple of hours at Padley Gorge, for an engagement shoot.

So once you’ve spent that much time together they stop being clients and feel much more like friends, making their wedding day even more special for me.

They’re on honeymoon at the moment but I promised I would pop a couple of images on here for them while they’re away. Sophie has already said that they want to come visit our lovely new Renishaw Hall studio to view their wedding images. And so have Friends Neil and Jess, who are now expecting their second child. Congratulations to them, and it really does mean the world to us that they not only choose to stick with us for their family portraiture, but also recommend us as well.


wedding photography in Potton, Bedfordshire


wedding photographyat Sutton Ford, Bedfordshire


As our recent posts have demonstrated (see our Majorca wedding post) it really doesn’t matter where your wedding is, you’re not limited to a local photographer. Of course there are literally thousands of wonderful photographers across the country, so I’ve no doubt there is the perfect photographer for you just around the corner. But if you have seen images from a recent wedding that you love, why not contact the photographer and ask if he/she would be willing to travel. I’m happy to cover weddings in any location.


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