Please could you help us?

As I’m sure you have guessed, we are just a small family owned business with a beautiful, but somewhat isolated photography studio. As such we rely heavily on the kindness of our customers to spread the word to their friends and family about our services. So if you could take just a couple of minutes to look at the ways you can help us, below,  we would really appreciate it.



[text]Our Rewards Scheme - In return for your help we would like to offer you a gift – for every customer who purchases images from us after your recommendation we will add £20 credit to your account. You can use this credit towards any previous or future photo shoots with us. We will also be happy to provide you with an extra complimentary photo shoot worth £100.[/text]


Finally we would like to thank you again for choosing us, and we really hope to see you again in the future.

Chris & Allie



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Add a watermarked image to your Facebook page

We are usually more than happy to provide you with a complimentary image from your photo session, which is optimised for Facebook, and has a small logo of ours in the corner. Just give us a call if you would like this creating for you.


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Use the “old-fashioned” method

Traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ is still one of the most powerful marketing tools there is. So if you enjoyed what we did for you, please do tell everybody about us!!


Thanks again for helping us to continue to do the thing we love.