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This week has been really exciting with Chris putting on his commercial photographer hat rather than his portrait photographer one for a change. The Chrysalis Photography Studio has been buzzing with the sound of excited children modeling for a new clothing range by RUKKA from Finland, being retailed by Sunproof of down there in Somerset. In contrast to their name (Sunproof) the clothing range is wet weather gear and the kids loved it! It’s a great range of colours making the images look amazing.

On Tuesday our beautifully behaved models took on the task of a studio shoot at Chrysalis Towers each with 3 to 4 costume changes and nailed it, despite the soaring temperature in the studio. Their reward for doing such a beautiful job was an old fashioned Yorkshire fish & chip supper in our sunny Sheffield garden! What more do a group of 4 – 10 year olds need after a hard afternoons graft!

Wednesday meant a trip to Rother Valley Country Park near Sheffield to complete the second part of our commercial shoot .. on location! Look out, look out there are RUKKA kids about. Again the kids were great and humored the diva photographer by climbing trees, playing tig and chasing down hills. Work? More like play – AND they get paid… this time in ice-cream. Never before have we prayed for it to rain on the Yorkshire countryside, but that’s exactly what we did – but the powers that be decided that Sheffield would be bathed in sunshine for once. Ah well, you win some, you loose some.

Before we had even finished the shoot Nursery Today had requested a few images with a deadline of the same day to feature the new range in their next issue. We love product & commercial photography here at Chrysalis Towers. It’s a great way of seeing new products before they hit the market and sometimes, just sometimes, we can purchase the items a little earlier than everyone else ;o). The RUKKA clothing range is fantastic and kids really do love wearing it, so when some of the parents were offered a chance to buy the clothing their kids had been modeling, they jumped at the chance. So if you’re walking around Sheffield or Rotherham…. or anywhere in the Yorkshire countryside on a rainy day, look out for the RUKKA kids. I’m sure they will multiply very quickly and soon they will be all over the place!

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