Renishaw Hall in the snow

The January snow has well and truly arrived at Renishaw Hall today, so we took five minutes out to pop into the gardens and take a couple of photographs. Shame the light wasn’t brilliant but it was nice to see the gardens again. We can’t wait to see the snowdrops and then the Bluebells soon after.     The statues are all wrapped up for the winter to protect them from the frost   v Mr Snail didn’t seem too bothered by the snow.   The fountain water has almost frozen over.   More of the beautiful statues tucked up for winter       I found the hare’s, that usually gather in a circle in the spring to stare up at the moon, lined up just outside the hall, looking like they were begging to come in for a warm.        

MacMillan Coffee Morning comes to Renishaw Hall

Every year MacMillian run their coffee mornings all over the country with volunteers baking cakes, making tea and washing the pots.  All the profits go straight to MacMillan for their fabulous cause. This year Renishaw Hall hosted a coffee morning and attendees were privileged to take their tea and cake in the Hall spilling out onto the private terrace.   A wonderful morning enjoyed by all and for a wonderful charity.

Moving from Canon to Fuji… well sort of.

So, last week I booked to have a well-earned day off and travel to London to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, Geoff. What did we decide to do on this day off?? Take photographs of course! As crazy as this may sound I was actually extremely excited to spend a day re-discovering the joy of taking photographs just for the hell of it. As much as I love my job, and I do REALLY love my job. The freedom, creativity and enjoyment one gets from taking photographs as a hobby, can become overshadowed by the requirement for a ‘work’ photo shoot to be of a ‘professional’ standard. This day off was my chance to actually relax and have fun with the camera. So there we were, wandering around the streets of London, clicking away at whatever caught our eye. I had initially intended to bring the full kit along – My recently purchased Canon 5D mkIII, my full range of lenses, tripod, flash heads, the works. Instead I brought just two ‘light’ lenses in my rucksack, and my Macbook, to work in the train there and back. This is where I get to the point of this blog. Geoff, having […]